Wife has crevice tool maytag neptune mlg2000aww service manual vacuum cleaner. She won’t let me use it.

I was looking in her dryer. It’s physically located near the blower assembly. That’s the only „fuse“ I could find in the parts manual I have for the MLG2000AWW. This is according to the owner’s manual I have. Has worked for 14 years for me. My washer will do everything but spin . If manually turning the timer allows it to spin and drain, then I would say the used timer installed was also defective.

You will save money if you get it online or go to an appliance parts store like „Mid-America Appliance“ rather than Sears or the likes. Recently there is water in the washer after the clean clothes have been removed. The intake valve may have debris under the plunger allowing the water to bypass the valve. If it fills up when not in use it is a sure sign of this. Motor, start capacitor, If its making a buzzing noise and the motor wont start most likely its the start capacitor. Asker’s Testimonial „That answer was very informative – thank you fortaking the time to educate me.