Ihren Computer herunterladen und makita power planer n1900b manual in Ihren Sammlungen aufbewahren. Druckversion Viele Personen lesen lieber Dokumente nicht am Bildschirm, sondern in gedruckter Version.

Anleitung drucken, sondern nur die Seiten, die Sie brauchen. Wenn Sie den Seiteninhalt der nächsten Seiten schnell durchschauen möchten, können Sie sie nutzen. Cluttered areas and benches invite injuries. Don’t use power tools in damp or wet locations. Don’t expose power tools to rain.

A guard or other part that is damaged should be properly repaired or replaced by an authorized service center unless otherwise indicated elsewhere in this instruction manual. Have defective switches replaced by authorized service center. Don’t use tool if switch does not turn it on and off. To start the tool, simply pull the trigger. For contin- uous operation, just pull the trigger and then push in the lock button with your thumb. To stop the tool from the lock position, just pull the trigger again and release it. The clamp plate comes off together with the blades.

3 When you install new or sharpened blades, Hex. I first clean out all chips or foreign matter adhering to the drum or blades. To compensate for this, the blade gauge itself must be adjusted. Always keep your blades sharp for the best performance possible. The use of any other accessory might be hazardous. Model 18058 I I Note: The switch, noise suppressor, plug and other part configurations may differ from country to country.

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