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7 GENERAL INFORMATION ON-RECEIPT INSPECTION . WARNING IMPROPER OPERATION OR MAINTENANCE OF THIS PRODUCT COULD RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY AND PROPERTY DAMAGE. READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL WARNINGS AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING THIS EQUIPMENT. Follow the equipment Tank tank, and RESULT IN A manufacturers Bursting VIOLENT TANK recommendation and EXPLOSION never exceed the RESULTING IN maximum allowable SERIOUS INJURY TO pressure rating of YOU OR OTHERS: attachments. Any electrical wiring or is powered by repairs required to this Risk of electricity. Like any product should be Electric other electrically performed by qualified Shock powered device, if it service personnel or a is not used properly, licensed electrician, in it may cause accordance with national electrical shock. Breathing compressor or sprayed materials vapor can result in serious injury.

AIR INTAKE FILTER: This filter is designed to clean air coming into STORAGE the compressor pump. This filter must always be clean and free Before you store the air from obstructions. PRESSURE SWITCH: The air pressure may have to be pressure switch automatically adjusted while you are operating starts the motor when the air the accessory. This is due to factory testing and does not Amp Length of mean the pump contains oil. 25′ 50′ 100′ 150′ CAUTION: Multi-Viscosity motor oils, like 10W 30, should not be 10-12 16 14 10 8 used in an air compressor. Open the regulator by turning be used with an outlet that has it clockwise.

Adjust the been installed and grounded in regulator to the correct accordance with all local codes pressure setting. The outlet must compressor is ready for use. Always operate the air the plug. DO NOT USE AN compressor in well-ventilated ADAPTER.

Drain water from the air tank, DOING MAINTENANCE, any moisture separators or transformers. Manually check all safety MOVING PARTS. PERSONAL valves to make sure they are INJURIES CAN OCCUR. The Check Valve Replacement use of a sealing compound or 1. Release all air pressure from Teflon tape to avoid leakage is air tank and unplug outfit. Refill with the recommended oil 3. Loosen the top and bottom nut to the proper level.