Sie können Ihre Anzeigeneinstellungen jederzeit ändern. Hitachi wj200-015 hf manual consumption is displayed in kwh. 10V analog reference 10VDC nominal, 10mA max.

Default Setting Monitormode d001 Output frequency monitoring 0. Outputterminaloperationfunction C130 Output 11 on-delay time 0. 1: Reset operations acceptable 10 seconds after the trip. 25 Note 1: Field wiring must be made by a UL-Listed and CSA-certified closed-loop terminal connector sized for the wire gauge involved. Connector must be fixed by using the crimping tool specified by the connector manufacturer. For operation at higher than 60Hz, it is required to examine the allowable torque of the motor, useful life of bearings, noise, vibration, etc. Hitachi X200 manual, tài liệu biến tần Hitachi X200 series.

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