Ihren Computer herunterladen und sie in Ihren Sammlungen aufbewahren. Druckversion Viele Personen lesen lieber Dokumente advanced user guide for brother mfc-9460cdn am Bildschirm, sondern in gedruckter Version.

Anleitung drucken, sondern nur die Seiten, die Sie brauchen. Wenn Sie den Seiteninhalt der nächsten Seiten schnell durchschauen möchten, können Sie sie nutzen. Before using this machine for the first time, read this Quick Setup Guide to setup and install your machine. Plastic bags are used in the packaging of your machine. To avoid danger of suffocation, please keep these bags away from babies and children and dispose of them properly. This machine is heavy and weighs approximately 58.

To prevent possible injuries at least two people should lift the machine. Be careful not to pinch your fingers when you put the machine down. 2 machine IMPORTANT DO NOT connect the AC power cord yet. Remove the packing tape from the outside of the machine.

Open the MP traya, and remove the plastic sheetb from the MP tray support, then close the MP tray. Gently pull the orange packing material towards the front of the machine to remove it. 3 Over filling the paper tray will cause paper jams. The side to be printed on must be face down. The paper guides touch the sides of the paper so it will feed properly. WARNING IMPORTANT DO NOT connect the interface The machine must be grounded using a cable yet.

Before you connect the external telephone a Press Menu, 0, 0. Press a or b to choose your language. 1 Set the receive mode to External TAD if you have an external answering machine. Will you be using a Distinctive Ring number for receiving faxes? 2011 If you are having difficulty reading the LCD, try changing the contrast setting. Day:25 a Press Menu, 1, 6.

Press c to increase the contrast. OR— e Enter the time in 24-hour format on the dial pad, and then press OK. Press d to decrease the contrast. 5 JK L 5 J 6 MNO 6 M a Press Menu, 0, 3. 9 WX Y Z 9 03. This report lists the compatibility setting. It will reset itself forward one For example: If your phone system requires a 9 to dial hour in the Spring and backward one hour in the Fall.

Fill out the Product Registration and Test Sheet. Before you install Install MFL-Pro Suite 18 19 a Make sure that your computer is ON and you a Put the installation CD-ROM into your are logged on with Administrator rights. If the model name screen appears, choose your machine. If the language screen appears, choose your language. USB Windows e Connect the USB cable to the USB connector marked with the symbol on your machine and then connect the cable to your computer. Turn the machine on, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete setup.

IMPORTANT DO NOT cancel any of the screens during the installation. It may take a few seconds for all screens to appear. Before you install Install MFL-Pro Suite 18 19 a Make sure your machine is connected to the a Put the installation CD-ROM into your power and your Macintosh is ON. Double-click the Start Here OSX icon. IMPORTANT For Mac OS X 10.

10 users, upgrade to Mac OS X 10. Windows Macintosh USB USB Macintosh Download and install Presto! You can easily scan, share and organize photos and documents using Presto! On the Brother Support screen, click Presto! The installation is now Finish complete. Connect the network interface cable to the LAN connector and then connect it to a free port on Before you install your hub.